Maintenance Programs

IMS Exteriors understands the importance of providing long-term care for the exterior of your investment and/or family’s home. We are dedicated to leaving you confident that your roof and investment are well-maintained throughout the seasons. With our team, led by a General Contractor and multiple licensed roofing professionals, we offer comprehensive residential roof inspections and maintenance services. Consider enrolling in our Certified Maintenance Program to ensure ongoing protection for your home.

Preventative Maintenance Services:

Annual Inspections: Our skilled IMS Exteriors team will conduct thorough yearly assessments of your residential roofing system. We understand the impact of hail storms, tornados, thunderstorms, harsh winter weather, and general wear and tear. With our Certified Maintenance Program in place, you can have peace of mind.

During the annual inspection, we will carefully evaluate the condition of your exterior and provide you with a detailed report, including photographs of any areas that require attention. We will also discuss a recommended plan of action to maintain the quality and craftsmanship of your property.

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Repair Services:

Skilled Contractors: At IMS Exteriors, we take pride in our highly trained and qualified roofing professionals who can handle a wide range of exterior repairs. Our experienced team will carry out necessary repairs to restore the integrity of your exterior.

Insurance Claims Assistance: Should your exterior sustain damages that require repairs, our professionals will not only perform the necessary work, but also assist you in assessing whether an insurance claim should be filed. We aim to support you throughout the process, ensuring that you feel cared for and well-informed.

Choose IMS Exteriors for reliable and comprehensive exterior maintenance and repair services. Contact us today to learn more about our Certified Maintenance Program and experience the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained exterior for your property.

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